Marathon Training: Week 8

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: Went out for a smooth 7 mile recovery run on the local track, with 6 100-meter strides.

Wednesday: 12 miles in the afternoon on a most beautiful day. I passed a moose that was foraging next to the road. It glanced up at me, and then continued on with its business.


Thursday: Rest

Friday: Went out for a 10-mile run, with 6 miles at threshold power. The newly-arrived heat made that threshold segment more challenging than normal, but I stuck it out. During my run, a couple pairs of F22 Raptors flew overhead. This apparently was supposed to be a show of support for frontline pandemic workers. I couldn’t help but find the irony in showing support for the people trying to save lives by showcasing machines whose sole purpose is to rain death on humans. But, I still would love to have a chance to fly in a fighter jet.

Saturday: Real easy 5-mile recovery run.

I’m afraid of heights and I hate running on this bridge. There’s no separation between pedestrians and traffic and there’s hardly any shoulder to run on. I always like to look at my maps after I run across this bridge, because my pace and heart rate are always elevated for this portion.

Sunday: This was it. The run I’ve been looking at on my calendar ever since I started this training program. This is a distance I’ve been looking forward to hitting ever since I started running. The big 2-0. The run went very well. The weather was perfect and my fueling strategy kept me going. I ran this on a 20-ish mile loop that takes me through our neighboring city, with a few rolling hills, across a couple of bridges over the Kenai River, through some ancient floodplains with views of the ocean and volcanoes on the horizon, and back home. I felt pretty good throughout the entire run, with fatigue just starting to set-in during the last mile. I hit 20 miles and walked the last mile home as a cooldown. I ended up with some blistering, but I expected this. In the days that followed this run, there wasn’t any real soreness or anything but I sure was tired for a few days. It sapped the energy out of me.

This is what I look like when I take my hat off after running 20 miles.

With this being one of the bigger weeks in the program, I’m feeling pretty good about having completed it exactly as planned.

Totals for the week: 54.11 miles / 8 hours, 7 minutes

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