Marathon Training: Week 7

As I mentioned previously, week six of marathon training essentially became a month of maintaining, trying some new things, and conducting a few time trials, while waiting to learn more about COVID-19 and how it was going to impact my community. While there is still a lot of uncertainty out there, things feel stable enough currently that I’m comfortable picking back up on my marathon training plan. Of course, I no longer have an official race to train for. But who cares? I wasn’t planning on qualifying for Boston, so who needs official? I’ll make my own marathon when the time comes.

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: 10 miles, with 5 miles threshold power in the middle. This was an out-and-back with a slight, but steady, uphill during the first half. I focused on staying within the threshold power target and didn’t pay much attention to pace. On the way back, I was running into a headwind. Thankfully, I have my Stryd powermeter to keep my effort correct. Without it, I would have tried to focus on pace and I would have cooked myself. This was a tough run to resurrect my marathon training with, but it was a good one.

Wednesday: 4.14 recovery run.

Thursday: 11 miles. Another windy day, but I actually missed these medium long runs.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: 7 miles, with 8 strides. It was windy again, but the wind was actually warm. It was quite pleasant.

Sunday: 18-mile long run. This was a new distance PR for me. It was a gorgeous day and I felt pretty good until the last mile or so when the fatigue began to set-in.

The snow is finally gone, and it’s actually starting to feel like spring.

Totals for the week: 50.22 miles / 7 hours, 27 minutes

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