Reacquiring The Groove

I spent the past month in a state of uncertainty. My planned debut marathon was finally canceled (not a surprise) and I had to make decisions on what to do going forward. Ultimately, I decided to postpone my marathon plan and just try to maintain fitness while we all waited to better understand the state we were in.

I completed a few weeks of my maintenance plan and ran some time trials, setting new personal bests in the 5K, 10K, and half marathon. I ran some different types of workouts and even did some hill sprints, yet still kept the volume steady.

But as time went on, my marathon goal got further and further away. It felt as if the training build-up I had started was going to fizzle if I didn’t rekindle that fire. And while things are still wildly uncertain with the ever-changing shadows being cast by COVID-19, they at least appear stable in my community.

So, I’m re-committing to my marathon training plan with the prospect of running a solo marathon-distance time trial in July. I’m basically jumping back into my original training plan where I left off (instead of the week six down week that I was to start, I did my month of maintenance and time trials).

Week 7 is up next.

What do you think?

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