Marathon Training: Week 1

The first week of marathon training is in the books. I did shift some things around to better accommodate my schedule and an upcoming short trip. I ran all of the prescribed runs, but removed a rest day so I could start week 2 a day early. For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be doing my long runs on Friday. After my trip, I’ll shift the schedule again and put them back on Saturdays where I plan to keep them for the rest of the training block.

I feel great. I had a little bit of soreness in my calves from Wednesday’s 10-mile run. I was wearing the Nike Terra Kiger 5 which has a lower heel drop and has a harder feel than the shoes I had been running in. Add to that running on some unevenly-plowed snow and you get a bit more of a workout. It’s strange taking more rest days than I normally do, but they might turn out to be better appreciated as the plan ramps up.

Sunday: The official start day of the plan is a rest day. Everyone can complete day 1!

Monday: Uncle Pete apparently likes to start his plans off with a shot across the bow. He demanded an 8 mile run, with 4 miles at lactate threshold pace (for my current fitness, that’s about a 7:45 min./mile pace) in the middle. I have done similar workouts in the past, but never as early as I was attempting this one. And I also haven’t done a lactate threshold (LT) segment that long on the treadmill (where the perceived effort always feels so much greater to me). But, everything went perfect. I was on the treadmill at 5:05am, became fully awake during the first 1.5 miles, cranked out the 4 LT miles, and then finished off the last 2.5 with just enough time to get ready for work. Knowing I can crank out a workout like this before work will help me remove some excuses for myself down the road.

Tuesday: Rest day.

Wednesday: I ducked out of work early to get this MLR (medium long run) done during daylight. It might have been a bit breezy, but boy was it beautiful. We had just received a bunch of snow the night before, so everything was so fresh and bright. It’s tough to beat the beauty of a sunny winter day. I ran 10 miles on a plowed snowy road, with gorgeous views of mountains and frozen marsh.

Winter view of mountains and frozen tundra.

Thursday: The plan called for a rest day, but I used this day to shift everything up a day. So I ran 4 recovery-pace miles on the treadmill before work. This was a run that I wanted to add a little extra mileage to, but had to cut it at 4 due to time constraints.

Friday: I ran 13.1 miles on the treadmill for this long run. Pfitz wanted 12, I planned on 14, but we compromised on the half marathon distance because I had guests showing up soon. I also ran into an issue with the tension on the treadmill belt towards the beginning of the run, so I lost some time having to get out some tools and making the necessary adjustments.

Saturday: Technically a rest day, but I’m going to call this cross-training, since I did spend some time shoveling a bunch of snow off my porch.

I’m really happy with how this first week went, as far as getting in the miles I wanted on the days I had planned. Going forward, I want to take better advantage of my time in the evenings and on rest days to do some of the supportive exercises I should be doing to keep injuries away and to strengthen my running.

Totals for the week: 35.1 miles / 5 hours and 21 minutes.

What do you think?

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