Master of None

Master of None LogoI don’t take the time to watch a lot of television or movies, but I’ve been vacationing lately and have had more time for recreation. I started scrolling Netflix for the first time in who-knows-how-long? and saw a recommendation for a Netflix original show called Master of None, created by and starring Aziz Ansari. I’m a little familiar with Ansari’s comedy, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I was hooked instantly.

The first episode in the series started with a hilariously awkward scene involving a broken condom and an Uber trip for some emergency contraception. Dev (Ansari’s character) and Rachel (played by the adorable Noël Wells) have this brilliant duality in their chemistry; they’re great together until Dev does something to revert all of the progress that their relationship has gained. Still, he gets chance after chance to set things right.

I binge-watched the first half-season and will have the second half finished by the end of the weekend. So far, my favorite episode is Indians On TV. Ansari tackles the inherent racism in Hollywood, ironically using more than two Indian actors to illustrate how no show can get away with more than one Indian character. I created a .gif of my favorite clip from the episode:

Clip from Master of None

What’s wrong with Short Circuit 2?

They got a white guy to play an Indian guy.

What the ro… the robot movie? With Johnny Five?

Wait, you don’t know this?

Wait, which Indian guy are you talking about?

Dude. That guy’s a white guy.

The robot, or the Indian?

The Indian guy, is a white guy. That’s Fisher Stevens. They used brown face makeup.

Wait, what?!

Yeah, they got a real robot and a fake Indian.

Ansari actually contacted Fisher Stevens after this episode aired, which Ansari wrote this article about.

So far, the show has covered a broad range of relevant issues: in addition to racism, he explores the overlooked-by-males female perspective, dealing with bad dates, the challenges and rewards of raising children, and struggling to relate with parents. The show is comedic genius with characters you instantly fall in love with.

There’s a few days left in the holiday season; if you find yourself with some time to binge-watch some television I highly recommend giving Master of None a chance.