My Year In Books: 2015

I read fewer books in 2015 than I did in 2013 (but just a few more than I read last year) and what I expect I’ll read this year, but I’m still happy with what I read. Add in the fact that I wrote a book last year, and I feel plenty accomplished. I’ll probably publish reviews on some of the books listed below, but if you have any questions about them please feel free to ask. I’ll offer a few short blurbs about a few of the books below the image.Year In Books 1

Year In Books 2

Year In Books 3

Just a few quick thoughts:

The Outermost House, by Henry Beston, was absolutely beautiful. Not a novel, it’s a chronicle of the year Beston spent living in solitude on a Cape Cod beach in the 1920s. The scenery that Beston paints is vivid, and I find myself going back to highlighted passages in this book for inspiration and escape.

Kim Stanley Robinson’s latest, Aurora, was a complex and enjoyable read. It proved to be one of the major inspirations for the book I wrote during November’s National Novel Writing Month contest. Robinson writes hard science fiction, and Aurora certainly wasn’t an exception. Some readers might think he goes a little too deep into the weeds in his prose (if you’ve read Red Mars, you probably remember page after page describing a rover driving over sand and rocks), but I felt as if Aurora kept me engaged most of the way through. I remember towards the end thinking the book should have ended by now, and that it was being protracted unnecessarily, but when I finished I realized there was nothing superfluous. It ended well, after all.

Andy Weir’s breakthrough novel, The Martian, was a blast. I enjoyed it along with the audiobook narration by R. C. Bray. Weir went to great lengths to produce something almost completely scientifically accurate, yet chalked full of wit and humor.

 And I can’t recommend enough, going on a Terry Pratchett binge.

Happy reading!

What do you think?

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