Round-Up: Sci-Fi and Real-Sci and Some Girl

Rodeo RiderHere’s a few things I recommend reading this week:

First, go check out Naomi’s blog, Some Girl’s Words. She just recently started publishing there and has already posted some pretty powerful stuff. I highly recommend her article about being kicked out of her church. The comments that it has provoked shows that her experience is troubling, and far from unique. Her writing is straight from the heart and she doesn’t pull punches.

On a more scientific note, the Japanese space agency JAXA received an early Christmas present. 5 years ago, on my space blog I wrote about the agency’s failed attempt to put an orbiter around Venus. At the time, I thought they would have to wait six years for a second attempt, but it looks like it was only five before things aligned just such that they could send the commands to the craft to try again. This time, it was a success. JAXA’s Akatsuki craft is now in orbit around Venus.

I‘m currently re-reading Red Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson. I take advantage of Amazon’s reduce price on audiobooks when you own a Kindle title of the same book. I switch to the audio version when I’m driving, out walking, or doing things around the house, but also like to listen to it as I’m reading along. The narration for this particular title is very well down. The narrator has a voice that I would call a cross between Martin Sheen and Tom Waits (yeah, that’s going to be a tough one to imagine, I know).

Finally, I’m heading to Hawaii in a few days so expect to see a more tropical slant to the site in the immediate future.

What do you think?