Save Money on Spotify

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Where do you get your music? I personally have been using Spotify for the past few years. I was a user of the free plan until I realized I could use a student discount to get the premium service for half the price of a normal premium subscription. That worked great until I took my perpetual hiatus from school. My account began renewing at the $9.99/month price instead of the $4.99/month price that you get as a student. I was too hooked on the service to go back to the free plan. For the past few months, I’ve been happily paying my subscription.

My wife also uses Spotify. She had her own premium account that she was paying for. I wondered if there was something we could do to consolidate our accounts and save some money, and that’s when I learned that Spotify offers a family plan. Under the plan you pay full price for the primary subscription, but each additional account is priced at only 50%.

Set-up was easy:

  • I went to the [Spotify Family]( page.
  • Clicked upgrade.
  • Updated my payment info (I didn’t get charged right away; they’ll charge me at my next regular billing date.
  • Then, my family account was active and I was able to invite my wife to join my plan.
  • Finally, she needed to log in to her Spotify account settings and switch back to the free version before accepting my invitation.

Voilà! Now we both continue to have our premium plans but we save 5 bucks a month.

What do you think?