Keep On Trekkin’

This website exists for a few different reasons; some I’ll share, some I’ll likely keep to myself, and some I don’t even know yet.

Quite simply, I want to spend much more time outdoors than I currently do. I do a fair bit of hiking in the Summer months, but tend to hibernate during the Winter. By writing about my treks and adventures, I’ll be more inclined to keep myself motivated for the next ones.  Also, I enjoy writing — in a way, writing and sharing the details is the capstone to any great journey. I’m also an avid amateur photographer (Check out my photoblog: I can see a bit of cross-posting going on between this site and my photography site (more of the photos here will be less-than-professional quality, as I don’t always carry my primary camera into the field), but they each serve their own purpose.  Here, I intend to chronicle my forays into the Alaskan (primarily) wilderness, offer some advice (read: tell you my mistakes so that you may avoid them!), and connect with other lovers of the outdoors.


Hang tight while everything gets up and running.  Happy trails and “just keep trekkin’!”


A switchback on Skyline Trail, near Cooper Landing, Alaska

One of the switchbacks on Skyline Trail, near Cooper Landing, Alaska. This photo was taken on May 26, 2012. Image Credit: Ryan Marquis

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